Impulse buys, unsexy budgets, supermarket savings, retirement secrets and more.

1. 20 Simple Ways to Slam the Brakes on Impulse Buys

Money Talks News – We’ve discussed impulse buying before — and its catastrophic results. Howard Dvorkin, chairman of also wrote about Changing “Impulsive” to “Repulsive” and laments on the amount spent on impulse purchases (up to $1,000).

Marilyn hopes she can change the impulse buyer’s attitude by offering “20 tips, strategies and skills to help when you want to stop impulse spending.” The second one is: “Procrastinate.” Give yourself time to think about the purchase. Chances are you’ll change your mind.

2. No. Budgets are Not Sexy

Physician on Fire – This blogger is waging a friendly war against J. Money, creator of Budgets are Sexy. He thinks budgets can “force a silly spender to become a savvy saver”, which is good but not sexy.

J. Money goes over what he thinks is sexy, for example “confidence.” And then things take a turn. He discusses why budgets can be harmful. How you might ask? They could “lead us to spend unnecessarily.” It’s an interesting and entertaining post. Check out this post on Who Needs a Stinkin’ Budget.

3. 25 Awesome Tools and Sites to Save You Money Everyday

Debt Roundup – Grayson comes up with some excellent money saving sites. And since, as he says, the holidays are slowly approaching, you can incorporate them now in your holiday gift shopping plans.

The second site is CamelCamelCamel. It “tracks Amazon prices and will notify you when prices drop on a specified item.” Grayson loves shopping on Amazon. I’m guessing many other people also enjoy it, so this is especially handy. Here are some additional ways you can save money.

4. How to Outsmart Your Supermarket

Creative Savings – Once again, we take on grocery spending. It’s such an important subject. I’ve seen at least three families in the past few months give back food items at the register because they didn’t have enough money. It’s a shame.

For this post, Kalyn provides 10 tips that turn the tables on grocery stores. I like the first one, and do it often: “Divide produce into a smaller size.” You don’t have to buy what the grocery is selling. Who can eat 2 or 3 pounds of grapes before they rot? Here are 21 tricks to make your groceries last longer.

5. The Secrets to a Happy Retirement

One Cent at a Time – This blogger says “Fewer retirees than ever report they are enjoying themselves in retirement.” A recent survey he quotes confirms his viewpoint. To combat this unhappiness, he produces five valuable things we can all accomplish before we retire.

The fourth thing is: “Stay connected.” That doesn’t mean internet connection. It means keeping involved with your community through volunteer work and social groups. For more information read this post on retirement and financial stress.

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