Wants and needs, clean finances, unpredictable expenses, small wins and more.


1. A Trick for Saving Money on Wants

Northern Cheapskate — We’ve discussed “wants and needs” before. Wants are new clothes, dinner out and a new car. Needs are things like food and shelter. Many people have a problem controlling their spending when they’re confronted with something they really want.

Christina has a cure for their spending urges. I’m not revealing her secret. You should read it yourself and see if it works for your situation. You should also read this post about stress and retirement — because if you keep overspending on “wants” you may never retire.

2. How to Clean Up Your Finances

The Budget Mama — Jessi shares her method for cleaning up a financial mess. She was deep in credit card debt and “facing an eviction notice on my door” when she decided enough was enough.

She basically did three things. The first thing was she sold a bunch of her personal items on eBay and Craigslist. I’ll let you read about the other two things she did. After reading, check out this post on tips for a successful online sale. Maybe you can make a few bucks, too.

3. 6 Unpredictable Expenses that Can Blow Your Budget if You Let Them

Grow from Acorns — Just recently, we had unexpected expenses. Two metal pillars holding up our outdoor porch were rotted out on the bottom. A couple thousand dollars later, they’re fixed. And yes, that put a hole in our emergency fund.

Cathie reveals other surprise expenses that can do the same. The first one is: “Vet bills.” Most people won’t let their animals suffer. They’ll get the expensive surgery if it means the animal will regain its health.  Review her other five and how you can alleviate the cost.

4. Utilize Small Wins to Save More

The Millennial Budget — Stefan found a survey that says 42 percent of millennials don’t have money to invest. But it’s not just millennials. Many Americans of all ages don’t invest properly because they don’t have extra money.

But maybe they do — if they think small. For example, “start saving $25 a month into your emergency fund.” Take it one baby step at a time, and soon your money will grow. You can also use these easy money saving tips and build additional savings.

5. 10 Products You Should Never Buy Generic

Money Talks News — Saving money at the grocery store is always a hot topic. This is especially true since rising costs at the market have hamstrung many household budgets around the country. But Marilyn says buying cheaper alternatives doesn’t always save you money.

For example, the ninth product, generic garbage bags, “split, break and tear easily.” I agree. A wet paper towel could support more trash than those flimsy bags. I also heartily agree with number 10. Find out what that product is and then read this post on generic brands.

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