A barebones budget, money mistakes, a costly scam, growing up poor and more.

1. How to Survive on a Bare Bones Budget

Cashville Skyline — Kate, unfortunately, was laid off a month ago. Since then she’s “devoted time to setting new goals.” One goal is: monitoring her spending again. As she does that, she’ll build a “strategy for covering my bills, avoiding debt and stretching my emergency fund.”

Her strategy includes a barebones budget. What’s great about this post is she shows us how we can craft a similar budget and manage it. She also gives advice on making ends meet with less income. Creating and maintaining a budget is easier when you use free online tools like PowerWallet. Check it out.

2. The Top 9 Money Mistakes Women Make

Financegirl — Men make money mistakes too, but Natalie says she has “a special place in my heart when it comes to women and money.” Considering she’s a woman, and has made these mistakes before, she has one goal in mind: Making sure other women avoid them.

She admits that number four and seven were her worst mistakes. The seventh mistake is: “Emotional Spending.” If you “spend money to feel better” then you’re letting your emotions interfere with your finances. As a result, you’ll fall further into debt.

3. Don’t Get Caught by This Common, and Costly, Scam

Money Talks News — Nowadays, receiving phone calls or official-looking documents in the mail from scammers is common. Nancy actually received a phone call from a scammer while she was writing this post. The offer was “an extended auto warranty.”

That’s the new scam, and her friend’s mother fell for it. She was scammed for $5,000. Nancy provides five great tips you can follow if you receive a phone call or document. The first is: “Question the offer upfront” by calling your auto dealer or manufacturer. Read this post revealing 5 Giveaways You’re Talking to a Scammer.

4. 27 Ways to Save Money in College and Still Have Fun

Frugal Rules — John understands student loan debt is a problem, and college usually costs a ton. But he provides “ways to cut down the cost without cutting down the experience.” The first way is: “Ditch the car.” If you live close or on campus, it’s a great idea.

Two other great ideas include “attend campus events” — they’re usually free — and “ask for student discounts when you buy anything.” The discounts probably won’t be hefty, but every bit counts. Review his other money-saving tips.

5. How Growing Up Poor Made me a Bad-Ass

Millennial Revolution — FIRECracker (the blogger), grew up poor in a rural area of Communist China. Her playground was riddled with “used needles, contaminated drinking water and rivers filled with raw sewage.” When she moved to Canada, kids teased her about her cheap clothes, “DIY haircut” and more.

But growing up poor gave her four valuable traits. She explains them, and how they helped her become a bad-ass financial wizard. The fourth one is “perseverance.” She was stuck with cheap clothes and was teased often.  As a result, she worked harder, persevered and saved more money. Read this post, it’s interesting.

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