Save faster, earn passive income, review every bill, treat yourself and more.

1. 7 Ways to Make Your Savings Grow Faster Automatically

Money Talks News — This is what financial expert Stacy Johnson from Money Talks News recommends: “If you have trouble putting money aside in a savings account, maybe the solution is to stop struggling and put things on autopilot.”

Sounds like a plan. The fourth way you can save money is by ditching your plastic and using cash. When you only have so much cash in your wallet, your spending is limited. Credit cards make overspending too easy. For additional savings use high interest savings accounts.

2. Great Passive Income Ideas – Over 40 Ways for You to Earn More Money!

Great Passive Income Ideas — This blogger defines passive income as “money you earn passively, meaning that it only requires a little bit of effort on your part to earn that revenue.” The blog is broken into seven categories.

They include Easy Money, Web Marketing and more. In the Easy Money category you’ll find “Paid Surveys.” These surveys usually don’t take much time and they don’t pay a bunch, but it’s easy money. Here’s another post that will help you make extra money.

3. 3 Reasons to Review Every Bill: Another Cable Bill Fiasco

Money Manifesto — Lance believes that he’s saved “at least $4,000 over the last year” just by reviewing his bills. That’s big money. After another recent error on his cable bill, he wrote this blog post. Good thing for us, because we can all learn from him.

What’s really interesting about this post is his section, “You Won’t Catch Fraud If You Don’t Review Your Bills.” That’s true. Credit card fraud in the United States is growing. That means we must become more vigilant and, like Lance says, check every bill.

4. How To Not Get Screwed At The Car Dealership

Making Sense of Cents — Michelle’s husband was a new car salesman. As a result, she has the inside scoop on the car buying process. Good deal for us because she’s sharing 14 tips you can use if you’re shopping for a new or used car.

One tip is: “Don’t be afraid to negotiate.” She says “car sales are meant to be negotiated” even if you’re receiving a manufacturer discount. Check out her other valuable tips and then read this post: 7 Secrets Car Dealers Hope You Don’t Know.

5. How to Treat Yourself on a Budget

My Debt Epiphany  Chonce doesn’t believe we should deprive ourselves just because we’re frugal and following a budget. She says, frugality “should make you feel empowered and in control of your money.” Spending money is fine, just as long, at least in her case, that the item purchased brings value and is beneficial.

For example, she prefers quality hair and skin products. But she doesn’t go overboard. She uses Groupon and finds local deals that meet her needs. If you like collecting coupons, read this post and find out if coupons save money or cost money.

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