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1. Want a Good Credit Score? Avoid These Things

Disease Called Debt — A healthy credit score is extremely important. Lending institutions, insurance companies and even some potential employers may judge you by that three-digit number. With that in mind, this blogger has come up with four mistakes you should definitely avoid.

The second one is: “Maxing out your credit cards.” This is a no-brainer, right? Not really. Millions of Americans make this mistake. They continue charging on a card and finally realize after a while that they can’t pay it off. That’s a financial debt sentence.

2. More Americans Embrace Living Abroad in Retirement

Money Talks News — People stress about retirement on a daily basis. They worry about how much money they’ll need, when they can retire, or even if their financial situation will allow them to retire. They contemplate how to make money. It’s a serious and scary subject.

Krystal found that more Americans are leaving because they can “stretch their dollars” more in another country. She says “the number of Americans retiring outside the United States ballooned by 17 percent between 2010 and 2015.” It sounds like a viable option.

3. 8 Items You Can Sell to Make Money Today

Dinks Finance — If you’re feeling stressed about debt after the holiday spend-fest, Jason provides a quick money fix. You won’t get rich, but the extra money will help with additional bills — or you can pad your emergency fund.

His sixth item, video games, interested me. I don’t play video games, but there are millions who obviously do. And not everyone can shell out top dollar for all these new video games. Check out his other items on how to make money today.

4. Managing Money: How To Find The Best Strategy For You

Doable Finance — Don’t make your money management strategy overcomplicated and unrealistic. Kara says “you are better off paying attention to the four strategies listed” in her post. The first one is: “Goal Setting and Financial Planning.” She says every strategy “should have at least one goal.” And make that goal practical and attainable.

Good advice.  Why bother creating goals you’ll never reach. You’ll only become frustrated. Her last one is:  “Always Think About the Worst-Case Scenario.” In other words, start an emergency fund and keep padding it when possible. Check out her other strategies.

5. It’s Not the Product, It’s the Habit

Money Mini Blog — This blog is a bit confusing at first. Kalen even admits that — but give it a chance because he makes good points about consumerism. Our buying habits are mostly driven by marketing. Advertisers bombard us with the latest and greatest products nearly every week.

And what do millions of consumers do? They buy the products, even if they’ve never used such a product before. This creates a new habit, which costs extra money. Don’t throw your money away on unnecessary stuff — that leads to more financial mistakes and wasted dollars.

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