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1. The Benefits of Creating a Money Management System

Journey to Saving – In the past, Erin didn’t believe in budgeting. She based her spending habits on value — and saved the rest. This worked for her “because saving money is second nature.” But she’s recently experienced some changes in her social life.

Erin is enjoying herself on the weekends more and working less.  As a result, the old non-budgeting method doesn’t work anymore because she’s earning less money. This post is filled with good points about budgeting and adjusting to a new income.

2. 60+ Extreme Things People Have Done To Save Money

Making Sense of Cents – After reading this post, “extreme” is the appropriate adjective. Michelle even admits that “we’ve all done some super embarrassing things to save money.” The first two are extreme — shaving your head and wearing makeup for two to three days. And yes, these were both women.

The craziness doesn’t stop there. This post is worth a read just for the entertainment value. But seriously, many people do these things because they’re desperate. It’s sad but these people survived, and that’s an accomplishment. Check out these 11 habits from frugal people.

3. 10 Free Things That Used to Cost Money

Money Talks News – As food, gas and other necessities rise in price, at least these 10 things are now free. The second one is: “Reading the news.” With newspapers becoming obsolete, Maryalene says, “Now, you merely have to flip on your computer to find all sorts of free news 24/7 on the internet.”

The fourth one is: “Budgeting software.”, like Money Talks News, recommends using PowerWallet. When reading this post, you’ll notice that technology does cost us a lot of money, but it also saves money in some cases.

4. It’s Ok to Fall Off the Wagon

Money After Graduation – We all go through traumatic situations during our lifetime. Bridgette and her husband recently separated “after less than a year of marriage.” She is obviously going through a tough time. And she’s learning how a divorce can wreak havoc on your finances.

But despite the emotional and financial turmoil, she believes that you can “respond with a night out you can’t afford.” Just temper your spending because it won’t make you happy but it can make you broke. As an example, she was looking at a $2,200 couch – but decided against it. Smart move.

5. Staying Fit With No Gym in Sight

Mr. Money Mustache – The Mustache says, staying in shape and money management are similar – “you just need to focus on the basics and avoid the worst pitfalls.” He explains the basics of physical fitness and assures us that staying fit does not require a gym membership.

I do think some of his viewpoints are unrealistic for many people. For example, he believes “a job that requires more than a few minutes of car driving per day” is a terrible thing. Employees must commute sometimes. Not all killer jobs are located around the block where they’re easily reached by bicycle.

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