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1. Who Are Your Joneses?

Money Beagle — Keeping up with the Joneses has triggered many reckless spending sprees. For example, people buy new cars because their friends have new cars. It’s a dangerous mentality.  The Beagle doesn’t have actual individuals who are his “Joneses” but “the people who fall into these groups are definitely my triggers.”

The second group are those who remodel their kitchens. The Beagle has never had granite counter tops or a new kitchen, so that triggers jealousy. Howard Dvorkin, chairman of dedicates a whole section on “Keeping up with the Joneses” in his book Power Up. Check it out.

2. Money Boosts From Unexpected Places

The Simple Dollar — Trent provides “10 areas of personal growth that you can incorporate into your own life” and explains how they can boost your finances. His first is: “Physical Fitness.” He says if your body is healthy, you’ll save money on health care costs.

The third one is interesting: “Learning a New Language.” You’ll not only improve your communication skills but you’ll also enhance your employment opportunities. Bilingual workers are valued by many employers.

3. 9 Tips to Ensure You’ll Have Enough to Retire

Money Talks News — Marilyn says people are living longer and that’s good news. Unfortunately, it’s also bad news. Why? “Planning for retirement savings to last until you are 80, 90 or 100 is a daunting job.” So let’s start planning.

She provides nine valuable tips. One daring tip is: “Move someplace cheaper.”  And she doesn’t mean in the United States. How about retiring in Panama or some other exotic location? Hey, it’s a thought. If retirement scares you, read what this financial planner says about retirement savings.

4. Why Right Now is the Best Time in History to Be Alive

Studenomics — Martin wrote this post “because I’m sick of seeing annoying posts popping up on social media about how bad we have it.” He believes that’s BS and proves it by providing eight reasons why this is a great time to be alive.

His first reason is: “You can make money through the weirdest ways possible.” He says “nontraditional jobs” such as Uber drivers, freelance video producers and more help people make more money. Check out his other compelling reasons. It’s an interesting post.

5. How I Paid Off $50k of Debt in 3 Years

Yes, I am Cheap — Tahnya admits she was in debt — and she was a financial adviser. So you can imagine her stress and embarrassment. But she overcame debt. Fifty grand worth, which is impressive. Now she reveals her secrets for paying down debt quickly and efficiently.

Her third tip is: “Negotiate your interest rates.” We’ve discussed this before. Talk with your credit card representative and explain your situation. They want your money, so they may play ball. For inspiration, check out this post on 6 Joys That Come Along With Seeing Your Debt Go Down.

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