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1. How To Trick Yourself Into Sticking to Your Budget

Finance Girl – Natalie admits that she’s a spender. She also “blows her budget”, which may seem peculiar for a personal finance blogger, but hey, they’re human too. She solves her budget battles by using “nifty little tricks that actually work.”

The first one is: “Avoid your spending triggers.” Natalie’s trigger is clothes – especially when she’s shopping alone. Once you identify your triggers, create strategies that will help you avoid them. Review her other seven tricks. Here’s another trick, use PowerWallet and become a better budgeter.

2. 8 Ways to Make Money From Your Old Beater Car

Money Talks News – Nancy says “There’s a market for used cars, running or not.” So, if you have an old car that’s just taking up space there’s hope for making a buck. The first thing you should do is have patience. Don’t just trade it in for another car.

This post is broken down into two basic parts. One part is for cars that run and the other is for junk cars. Either way, you can profit by following these simple tips. And once you cash in, use the money to pay down debt or boost your retirement savings.

3. 5 (Totally New and Completely Fresh) Ways to Save Money in 2017

L Bee and the Money Tree – Lauren has come up with “super unique” tips for saving money. And just in time too. After all, most people buy more gifts around the holidays and then face the sad fact that paying them off won’t be easy.

Her fifth one is: “Leverage Existing Purchases into Further Savings.” She does this by joining up with companies such as Shopper’s Voice. And don’t worry, signing up is easy, especially with Lauren’s help. Check out her other tips.

4. 5 Fun Ways to Teach Your Pre-Teen About Money

When Life Gives You Lemons Add Vodka – Every parent should discuss personal finances with their kids. has emphasized this point with several posts. For example, we’ve written about clever ways you can help kids learn about money. We’ve also pointed out how some parents make their kids financial failures.

This post sticks with “fun” things you can do with your kids. The first one is: “Take them Grocery Shopping.” Show them how your grocery bill increases with each purchase – and why using coupons and other money-saving methods prevents you from overspending.

5. Bills Every American Ought to Lower

Retirement Savvy – Jenna, a guest blogger, says many people “are quick to eliminate perks and cut down on so-called luxuries” when they create their first money-management plan. But that usually produces a life that’s plain old boring.

As an alternative, reduce a few monthly bills. One we’ve discussed is the cable bill. She points out that our phone bills have also become outrageous. She quotes a Consumer Report study that found a family saves “about $1000 per year by switching their cell phone provider.” Sounds good.

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