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If I invited you to an “average” wedding, you might not be impressed. But what if I told you that wedding will cost more than $31,000?

That’s the average price of wedding in this country – $31,213 to be exact, according to a study earlier this year from wedding website The Knot.

The Knot also reported that the average wedding attendance is 136. Simple math reveals this scary stat: The ceremony costs almost $230 per attendee.

Another fascinating detail is that October is the second most popular month for weddings (14 percent). Losing out by a single point to June (15 percent). That makes sense to me, since the month of Halloween is all about dressing up and being scared.

Wedding Debt

I call it “Zombie Wedding Debt.” In an effort to scare couples straight, here’s the first installment on our Halloween video series…

As a happily married man who’s also a CPA, I can tell you this. The wedding isn’t as important as the marriage. That sounds obvious, but I believe too many couples get too wrapped up in hosting the wedding, they forget the purpose of the big day.

When you factor in that spending and debt are major causes of marital strife. So before you plan the wedding, read our Finance For Couples section to plan your future together.



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