DIY money saving videos are a fun, easy way to learn about your finances.

YouTube can help you cut costs and keep more money in your pocket. You’ll discover a bunch of videos that teach you how to fix things yourself and live more frugally. Plus, you’ll find expert advice on budgeting and investing. YouTube is a goldmine of money-saving information, and we’ll help you unlock its secrets.

When utilizing YouTube videos for research purposes, there are several key factors to consider. First and foremost, it’s crucial to critically evaluate the credibility of the content and the expertise of the creator. Look for videos from reputable sources, channels with a track record of providing accurate information, or content creators with relevant qualifications or experience.

Additionally, pay attention to the publication date to ensure that the information is up to date and relevant. Remember that YouTube is a platform for diverse opinions, so be mindful of potential biases or subjective viewpoints presented in the videos.

Take the time to cross-reference information from multiple sources to gain a well-rounded understanding of the topic.

Lastly, consider the intended audience of the video and whether it aligns with your specific research needs. By considering these factors, you can make the most of YouTube as a valuable research tool.

Here are our 12 favorites ways to use youtube to make the best financial choices…

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1. Product reviews

Product reviews

Numerous product review channels, including those for As Seen on TV Products to toys and tech gadgets, can be found all over YouTube. This is a good place to go to for unfiltered opinions about important big purchases too. If you’re planning on doing home or auto repair make sure you buy the best quality tools to get the job done right. Not every drill or car jack performs the same way.

The reviewers test every product they talk about. Many explain whether those products are worth the costs, which helps you save money by avoiding them.

2. Gift guides

Similar to product reviews but focused more on the best-curated ideas for a particular holiday, these YouTube gift guides provide a way to quickly find the gifts you need.

Even if you know nothing about someone else’s festivities, you can find a thoughtful gift idea. Included is the traditional Christmas gifts to weddings, birthdays, and other special occasions.

The video gift guides offer a quick and efficient way to locate the right gift. They also notify you of any special promotions or deals. For further savings, there are gift guides just for low-cost, handmade gift ideas.

3. Deals and coupons

There are YouTube users who create weekly compilation videos to highlight the best online and retail deals and promotions, including coupons and in-store savings. Subscribing to these channels means you can check in once a week and align your weekly shopping or gift-giving with those special deals rather than spending hours searching for deals.

Also, there are YouTubers with tutorials about extreme coupon shopping designed to save the most money.

4. Household repairs and remodeling projects

Household repairs and remodeling projects

Maybe you’ve gotten estimates recently for various repairs around the house. The cost may have left you seeing red. However, with a few tools and some YouTube videos, it’s possible to save yourself thousands of dollars.

Just type, “remodeling kitchen” into the YouTube search box and you’ll be provided with hundreds of videos.

These vids cover demolition, how to redesign and remodel your kitchen, and how to do the actual work of installing new cabinets. You’ll even find out about moving plumbing lines and refacing cabinets. You’ll have the option to avoid calling service people for simple home repairs and save money through hack videos.

The difficulty of projects varies: Be careful taking on something too advanced for your skillset. Sure it’d be cheaper initially to do your own plumbing but a flood will cost you more if you get in over your head.

5. Cooking

Cute little girl and her beautiful parents are smiling while cooking in kitchen at home

Stop eating out or paying for those expensive meal subscription services. Instead, learn how to make your own home-cooked meals that are a fraction of the price.

For example, there are YouTubers that focus specifically on frugal cooking so you know how to make delicious meals without overspending at the grocery store. Also, there are cooking guides focused on special types of culinary lessons for vegans and those on a specific diet like Keto.

6. Auto maintenance and repair

Don’t be afraid of vehicles, even if so many aspects seem to be run by computers and high-tech equipment. There are still auto maintenance and small repairs that you can do at home rather than be price-gouged at a dealer or local auto repair shop.

YouTube has videos about how to do specific auto maintenance, such as an oil change or filter change. You’ll find guides on what type of maintenance should be done to avoid costly repairs.

These skills are become rare as more EVs are on the roads but, if you are hanging on to your old car while you save up for a downpayment, you might consider taking on some maintenance or repairs on your own. Put those savings toward your new wheels while you wait for the auto market to settle down. You can make sure you’re not using into a purchase by watching videos and keeping an eye on the auto industry.

7. Tech troubleshooting

Technology is great until it stops working. When your devices start slowing down, glitching or just fizzles, all you can think about is the cost of repair or a new computer or other gadgets.

Sometimes, these situations are just a simple fix that you could do yourself thanks to some tech experts on YouTube. There are videos on how to speed up deathly slow computers to fixing Internet network problems and everything in-between.

8. Software use

Rather than take a costly class, consider using YouTube for its wealth of information on how to use various types of software. There are tutorials for every type of software commonly used, including accounting programs like QuickBooks, Adobe, iMovie, Excel, and more. Rather than taking a class for this software, these free online tutorials for various skills levels.

9. Marketing for your business

Many companies and agencies are happy to charge a retainer to handle your website, social media accounts, advertising, and other forms of marketing. While they know their stuff and you may be busy as an entrepreneur, the cost of having others do your marketing for you can really start to eat into the budget.

As a small business owner, the better approach is to leverage all the marketing information and tutorials available on YouTube. Video assistance includes basic marketing tutorials, videos on how to set up your social media accounts, digital marketing courses, or, how to get the most out of Facebook ads.

10. Instrument lessons

Although music teachers provide a wonderful service and even come to you for lessons, it still costs money. To encourage your kids or to teach yourself while saving money, YouTube delivers many online instrument instruction videos. These lessons include piano, guitar, accordion, and violin among others. Many of those teaching the videos offer a series of lessons that get you well on your way to learning how to play an instrument without spending the money.

11. Frugal living tips

Some of the best advice is how to revamp your lifestyle to become more frugal with money in everything you do. The YouTube videos about frugality deliver numerous tips and hacks to start saving money immediately. Some frugal video hosts focus on one frugal tip per video while others may cover a frugal theme each week, such as groceries or gifts.

12. Money advice

Part of saving money involves developing better money habits and making smarter decisions about how you make, spend, and save it. YouTube has a wealth of video channels dedicated to tips and tutorials about money and how to avoid costly financial mistakes.

There are many styles and perspectives to choose from, including inspiring and insightful TED Talks about money, personal finance courses specifically for women, and videos for parents and kids related to saving money.

If you want to make sure you are prepared for tough financial times, watch a geopolitician for a broad global economic view of how current events can affect your finances in the future. By gaining a deeper understanding of global events, international relations, and economic trends, you can make more strategic choices regarding investments, purchasing decisions, and even career paths.

Geopoliticians often analyze how geopolitical developments impact markets, currencies, and industries, which can help you anticipate potential risks or opportunities. This knowledge can empower you to adjust your financial strategies, diversify your investments, or take advantage of emerging trends. Therefore, watching geopoliticians can enhance your overall financial literacy and enable you to make better-informed choices that may positively impact your financial well-being in the long run.

Final thoughts

Information is power, and YouTube is one of the easiest ways to get information to empower yourself. You can learn to make better decisions about how to spend your money, and most anything else, too. Take the time to search each of the aforementioned areas and check out a few videos. Make sure you do research on your research. Not all videos are created equal. Look for insights from qualified people. Are these informed opinions or influences looking for clicks?

Don’t stop at youtube check out forums too. Make certain the business you’re looking to buy from is legit and they have great reviews. Use comparison sites, if you are buying off Amazon use camel camel camel to check if the price is at the lowest it could be. Check if the company sells direct to consumers for less.

You may want to subscribe to those channels so you can return and quickly find the advice you need. You’ll be able to put useful advice, tips, and tricks, and insights to work immediately and start enjoying a happier life while being even more productive.

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