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"Tightest labor market" makes competition fierce, but you can still find work.

If you’re looking for a job and can’t seem to find one, you’re not alone.

Unemployment is low at 4.1 percent, which means those who are looking for a new job might not find any. But GOBankingRates says some industries have more openings than others — so you just need to know where to look.

Try becoming a “solar photovoltaic installer,” or someone who installs systems on roofs to convert sunlight into electricity. The expected growth for this position over a 10-year period is 105.3 percent. Business is booming in solar.

Maybe you should become a wind turbine service technician, or “wintech,” who installs and maintain wind turbines. Expected growth is 96.1 percent, the second-largest jump.

“Wind generators accounted for 8 percent of the operating electric generating capacity in the U.S. in 2016, more than any other renewable energy source,” GOBankingRates says. “Wind has the potential to support more than 600,000 jobs in manufacturing, installation, maintenance and supporting services by 2050.”

That means if there’s an industry you’ll definitely find a job in, it’s wind and solar. But if those aren’t your styles, there are other jobs you can look for.

Health care is consistently growing, and with the high demand for home help, it’s no surprise that home health aides are high on the list. At No. 3, this position is expected to grow 46.7 percent from 2016-2026. GOBankingRates says that as people live longer and the demand for more home care grows, home health aides will continue to be a hot job. Personal care aides, the No. 4 fastest-growing occupation, is similar but is usually to help people with nonmedical services.

In a similar field, physician assistants round out the top 5, with an expected growth of 37.4 percent over a decade. While a master’s degree is needed, and so is licensing, you don’t need to go to medical school. Which is great: You save on school while also pulling in more than $100,000 a year.

Time for a new job? Be prepared to land one

Companies are hiring, even with super-low unemployment rates. If you’re looking for a change, you’ve got plenty of options. However, while you’ve got the drive to make the dive, you might not have the skills.

Even with open positions, the right candidates aren’t applying because the ones that are applying don’t have all the necessary requirements for the job. Company leaders say half of the applicants aren’t prepared for the job they’re applying for.

Health care has long been a booming industry, so if you haven’t made the jump, you still can: from physicians to aides, there is something on every tier of income and needed skills. There are other jobs to stay away from, particularly if you’re a woman in finance, so make sure that when you make the leap to a new industry, it’s one that’s right for you and your skillset. Try to stay away from the companies that are making you stressed or sick (or both). The last thing you need is a job that kills you.

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