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Most Hispanics expect the economy to continue improving, but not because of the president.

A South Florida university conducts a weird monthly poll on what Hispanics think of the economy. The woman behind it says new results show a lack of faith in Donald Trump’s promises.

Every month Florida Atlantic University’s College of Business publishes the Business Economic Polling Initiative’s Hispanic Index of Consumer Sentiment; Which tracks the national Hispanic population’s demand for goods and services.

According to their most recent poll, Democrats are more worried about the economy and their personal finances when compared to their feelings in October.

Political Affiliations

“I think Democrats never thought that Trump was going to win,” said Monica Escaleras, director of the BEPI. “If you look at the Hispanic Consumer Index from October, you will see that Democrats feel good about the economy and very good about their future personal income.”

Following the election, they published the index again; and noted that party affiliation responses throughout the month of December changed significantly.

“Now we see completely the opposite,” said Escaleras. “There is a huge boost in consumer confidence of Republican Hispanics vs. Democrats and everything I think has to do with the anticipated policies.”

“Trump is talking about immigration, getting rid of Obamacare and so forth,” added Escaleras. “Now perhaps Republican Hispanics are okay with limiting immigration and getting rid of Obamacare, but Democrats were hoping for a different outcome.”

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