Delayed gratification is a good thing, as is helping your kids out with college — as long as you're on track for retirement.

Feeling Discouraged About Your Finances? You Need to Remind Yourself of This…

Money Ning — The writer, a woman named Alexa, tells the story of how she didn’t buy a house. What can you learn from something someone didn’t do? You learn that saving money takes time. You learn that the “kid in a candy store feeling” will pass. You learn that delayed gratification and hard work makes the end result more meaningful.

7 Tips to Transition Your Summer Wardrobe to Fall Clothing Fashion

Money Crashers — Why should you take fashion advice from a personal finance blog? Because the tips are actually good. Maybe if you’re a man, you won’t understand the need for a fall wardrobe, but scarves and boots are just the beginning of must-have seasonal clothing for ladies. Some more advice: Keep your maxi dresses, layer up, and add tights to everything.

On Stage or Screen: Here’s How to Earn a Living as an Actor

PT Money — Why should you trust a starving artist? Because Stephanie O’Connell’s advice for actors just starting their careers applies to non-artists as well. The New York City actress and freelance writer tells prospective actors to make sure they get at least a two-year degree at a respected school or conservatory, diversify their incomes to make sure they have at least some money coming in part of the time, and creating a long-term financial strategy to make sure that you don’t suffer from financial and career burnout.

Should You Be Investing While Paying Off Debt?

Everything Finance — If you’re in any kind of debt, any financial expert will recommend you cut expenses and focus exclusively on paying it off. But should you keep investing? That’s what one writer, Kassandra, wondered when she was $55K in debt. Turns out, her hunch was right: Her continued investments eventually paid off as her debt was being paid off, and she was debt-free in 3 1/2 years.

Should I Ruin My Retirement By Helping My Child Through College?

Making Sense of Cents — Unfortunately for the kids, the short answer is no. College students can get loans for school, but there aren’t any loans for retirement, so paying all of your kids’ expenses could really hurt you down the road. But you can help out in other ways: help them out partially with their finances, help them create a budget, or help them get a job. That said, if you’re in great shape for retirement, by all means help your kids get through school.

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