These jobs pay $45,000 a year on average with room to grow.

You don’t have to sacrifice creativity to earn a decent living.

Labor market data provider Emsi and extensively analyzed data to compile the top 10 creative jobs — based on the current number of jobs, an average annual pay of $45,000 or more and growth from 2011 to 2016.

Their data was pulled from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Bureau of Economic Analysis and the National Center for Education Statistics.

These aren’t science and tech jobs with a touch of creative opportunity, either. These are specifically for the artistic and “out of the box” thinkers.

“Jobs that require creative thinking aren’t as numerous as STEM jobs, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t available or lucrative,” Emsi chief innovation officer Rob Sentz said. “We continue to see these jobs grow and pay a good salary.”

10. Film Editor

Current number employed: 36,000

Increase since 2011: 4,800

Average annual income: $46,000 – $92,000

9. Commercial and industrial designers

Current number employed: 43,000

Increase since 2011: 4,300

Average annual income: $51,000 – $75,000

8. Multimedia artists and animators

Current number employed: 51,000

Increase since 2011: 5,200

Average annual income: $40,000 – $64,000

7. Technical writers

Current number employed: 55,000

Increase since 2011:6,500

Average annual income: $57,000 – $87,000

6. Art directors

Current number employed: 57,000

Increase since 2011: 5,000

Average annual income: $54,000 – $89,000

5. Interpreters and translators

Current number employed: 78,000

Increase since 2011: 13,000

Average annual income: $35,000 – $55,000

4. Interior designers

Current number employed: 93,000

Increase since 2011: 9,700

Average annual income: $38,000 – $56,000

3. Producers and directors

Current number employed: 123,000

Increase since 2011: 11,000

Average annual income: $49,000 – $103,000

2. Public relations specialists

Current number employed: 237,000

Increase since 2011: 21,000

Average annual income: $43,000 – $79,000

1. Graphic Designer

Current number employed: 287,000

Increase since 2011: 21,000

Average annual income: $37,000 – $57,000

Each of these jobs does require at least a bachelor’s degree. If you’re considering going to college to pursue one of these jobs, Emsi and CareerBuilder recommend using Find Your Calling, a free website with information on education and careers.

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