This week: tears, fears, and pain.

70 percent

Americans who say dealing with customer service is “more frustrating than being on an airplane with a crying baby,” according to iQor. Meanwhile, “60 percent reported having to repeat information three times during a call was more frustrating than being put on hold for 15 minutes or being stuck in traffic.”

9 percent

Couples who are “happy in their marriages,” according to Fracchia and Co. “Fewer than 1 percent have been consistently happy for three or more years.”

8.6 percent

Americans who say a migraine is the “most painful thing I have ever experienced,” according to Eli Lilly and Company. That outranks broken bones (7 percent) and even childbirth (7.3 percent).

1 second

The rate Americans are injured by “a drug overdose, a motor vehicle crash, a fall, a drowning, a choking incident or another preventable incident,” according to the National Safety Council. Every three minutes, someone dies from one of these incidents.

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