This week: Teens, prisoners, food, and frustration.

2.9 billion

“Robocalls” made in the United States just in January, according to YouMail. “One big surprise is that 174.1 million robocalls involved attempts from prisoners to get through to people outside of the prison.”

70 percent

How many of us “will be grocery shopping online” by 2024, according to Neilsen. While very few of us do that now, in five years, “every US household will be spending $850 online for food and beverage annually.”

59 percent

Adults who actually “read the instructions/manual provided as their first step to solve an issue” with their phone or computer, according to iQor. Which means most Americans just call customer service to complain before they do anything else.

39.3 percent

How much U.S. teenagers spend out of their total budget on online purchases, according to Current. In other words, more than a third of everything they spend, they do it virtually. Fun fact: “Cosmetics account for 7.7 percent of teen online spending.”

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