This week: How much money fun costs.

Smoking and drinking can be very expensive habits.

68 percent

American adults who say they’re “regular buyers of alcohol,” according to The Harris Poll. Of those, 12 percent “say they purchased at least some of their alcohol online in the past 6 months.”

35 percent

Americans between the ages of 23-39 who say they “now know more about whiskey brands than they did two years ago,” according to Techmonic. While that can’t be good for future DUIs, neither is this: 40 percent of bartenders are stocking more whiskey and getting rid of brandy, cognac, and other liqueurs.

15 percent

“U.S. adults who smoke cigarettes,” according to the Freedonia Group. That’s down from 21 percent in 2005.

5 percent

For all the talk about e-cigarettes, “only 5 percent of smokers have even made the switch to vapor products,” according to Vape. Even so, that translates into “almost $7 billion in revenues” for the industry.

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