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Since every other day has a theme, the Sunday before more shopping officially has a name

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We already spend the weekends on our couches, but now it’s a real holiday.

After Thanksgiving on Thursday, Black Friday, and Small Business Saturday comes Sofa Sunday — a day for you to eat your leftovers and plan your Cyber Monday shopping. Media solutions company Valassis says two-thirds of consumers will spend the Sunday before Cyber Monday planning their savings even though they won’t actually shop.

But there are shoppers who are heading all the way over to their computers on Monday that are strategizing the day before. Almost three-in-four shoppers will peruse deals and offers on Sofa Sunday to try to get the most savings during their Cyber Monday shopping experience.

“With so much attention focused on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, many retailers may overlook Sofa Sunday — an influential shopping day,” says Curtis Tingle, chief marketing officer for Valassis. “Brands and retailers that develop their holiday media strategies with the full consumer decision journey in mind are more likely to reach shoppers with relevant, timely messages and will ultimately secure a bigger piece of the retail pie during this critical shopping season.”

Basically, stores need to share their Cyber Monday deals long before Monday. Nearly half of all shoppers are spending hours looking up deals, most of them on computers. More than one-third of deal-browsing will happen on a phone.

Where are the shoppers going?

Cyber Monday was made for Amazon, and it shouldn’t surprise you that 60 percent of shoppers will start their journey there on Monday. This could mean they might not even make it to other sites if they find everything they need on Sofa Sunday.

Most shoppers are looking for the biggest deals on electronics. More than half — 52 percent — are chasing down electronics deals. Clothing is also big among shoppers, with 45 percent hunting for savings. Toys (27 percent), home décor (23 percent), and beauty products (16 percent) also made the list.

It’s not only what shoppers are buying but how they are buying it. Valassis says 63 percent of shoppers are planning to use their phones to browse and shop, whether it’s on Sofa Sunday or at work.

Time and money are optimal for savings. Nearly 70 percent of shoppers are looking to save more than $100 on their Cyber Monday shopping, while 15 percent expect to save between $300-500. Twelve percent believe they can save more than $500 this year.

Browsing for deals on Sofa Sunday is great news for businesses. Cyber Monday knowingly takes away from work productivity, as many shoppers are clicking around on store websites instead of working. With more time spent planning out Cyber Monday deals, it could mean less time to browse for savings on Cyber Monday.

Although, it’s not completely out of order that shoppers won’t wait until the Black Friday holidays to start their shopping. Almost half started before November did. The instantaneous convenience of online shopping and Christmas creep has made it easier for consumers to shop year-round for holiday gifts.

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Dori Zinn

Dori Zinn

Dori Zinn is a full-time freelance journalist based in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. She’s president of Blossomers Media, Inc., a web development and online media consulting company. Along with her work on, she’s been a longtime freelancer for Money Talks News — a personal and consumer finance website — and South Florida Gay News — the largest weekly LGBT newspaper in the South. Zinn has written for a variety of other publications, including Huffington Post, The Week, Quartz, Fort Lauderdale Magazine, Indulge, and

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