This week: We can't get over these under-the-weather stats.


42 percent

American adults who “believe getting sick during cold and flu season is inevitable,” according to the American Osteopathic Association. Many of them (36 percent) expect to get sick at work, but 3 percent think it’ll happen in “places of worship.”

32 percent

“Gen Xers avoid going to the doctor out of fear of finding something wrong,” according to MDVIP. Of course, that’s why you should go to the doctor in the first place.

22 percent

Americans who eat chicken soup “as their go-to when they’re sick,” according to the Harris Poll. While chicken soup has no special healing properties, the 2 percent who say they eat pizza when they’re sick are probably not helping themselves.

18 minutes and 35 seconds

“Nationally, the average time a person waits for a doctor,” according to Vitals. “Dentists keep patients waiting a mere 8 minutes and 27 seconds.”

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