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A Sporting Chance At The Scholarship



Kyndra Parker’s family is just her and her mother — and the track team, gymnastics team, wrestling team, basketball team, and the step team at Salem High School in Canton, Michigan.

“Every team has been a family to me,” Kyndra says. “They encouraged and influenced me to do better and focus on the goals I set.”

Among those goals is to attend Alabama A&M, where she plans to study broadcasting (with hopes of becoming an “aspiring talk show host”) and sports management — because “I plan on being the manager of a great player of any sports and help them through their career making sure they make the right choices with certain decisions.”

Those are lofty goals, but Kyndra says, “I love to compete.” That fighting spirit has led her to apply for a dozen scholarships to offset the lack of money in her family.

“Me and my mom are the only sources of income in our house,” she says. “I have a father who doesn’t stay with us right now. They’re currently split.”

For all these reasons, Kyndra Parker is the seventh winner of the Scholarship for Aggressive Scholarship Applicants. The $500 prize is her first scholarship win.

That gives her something to sing about — because Kyndra also likes to sing.

“Music is my passion, because every second of every day, I think about things that could improve my voice,” she says. “People get annoyed when I sing because, I can admit, I do it a lot. It’s like I can’t help it. I even do it at work!”

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