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Dvorkin On Debt: 3 Graphic Ways To Save



I’m always looking for novel ways to convince Americans to save more and spend wiser. Recently, I spied these artistic summaries…

Getting naked to save

In my second book, Power Up, I listed eight pages of easy savings tips, many energy-related — change your air-conditioning filters, clean your clothes dryer, and other tips that seem minor but really add up over time. Well, a new poll shows many Americans have only recently embraced these simple saving tactics.

In a new survey, 69 percent of homeowners said they “conserve energy at home to save money” — up 13 percent from just last year. How far are they willing to go? This far…


Putting the I in “efficient”

What does a poll about being efficient at work have to do with staying out of debt? Beyond the obvious — that excelling at your job will result in raises that can be saved instead of spent — efficiency can end up costing Americans money when they invest too much in technology, with the false hope that will improve their lives.

For example, the infographic below shows that “40 percent of men said having a faster computer would make them more productive.” Really? Would a faster car make them more productive, too? I side with the women in the survey, 60 percent who said “getting more sleep would make them more productive.”

Crucial Efficiency Infographic

Who gives the best career advice?

If you have a significant other, they probably play a significant role in which jobs you take.  That’s what a new poll of executives say, but I’ll bet that applies to most people. Almost half of executives rely on their spouses for job-changing advice, while “friends” rank at just 20 percent…

Accountemps When considering a job change Infographic

This interests me because I’ve seen similar results when it comes to seeking debt help. Often, it’s one spouse who first recognizes a serious credit card problem and has to convince the other to seek help. If that describes you, call one of our certified credit counselors at 1-8000-810-0989.

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