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Most Americans say they would trade these work benefits just to see their team claim the Super Bowl.


Is a Super Bowl victory for your favorite NFL team worth trading your vacation time or yearly bonus? Over half of the country says it is.

At least according to one survey from personal finance site GoBankingRates, who asked online users: “What would you give up to see your favorite NFL team win the Super Bowl?”

Obviously more Patriots fans sacrificed their paid time off to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. But there were other worthy sacrifices, according to the study…

  • 52 percent would give up a year’s worth of vacation days
  • 31 percent would forfeit their yearly bonus
  • 14 percent would give up their entire savings account
  • 3 percent would give up their 401(k) plan

Vacation days aren’t exactly as valuable as money saved, so it makes sense they’re the first to go. It seems millennials may be the most diehard fans of vacation – or maybe they just have far less to lose in savings.

Of all survey respondents, younger millennials (aged 18-24) were most willing to give up their entire savings plan and 401(k).

Those 65 and up flat out wouldn’t sacrifice either. Of course, who can blame them – most of them are retired already, and they’ve seen plenty of Super Bowls already.

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Joe Pye

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