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Unless you can find a celeb on Twitter to pay, yes.

Some celebrities have hearts of gold — and they’re willing to spend some on their fans. Here are some recent examples.

Andrew W.K. — the rock singer-songwriter from California — saw this tweet from a British fan named Luke Mitchell…

Apparently, Mitchell got carried away listening to BBC Radio 1’s Rock Show and put too much pedal to the metal. Andrew W.K. (real name Andrew Fetterly Wilkes-Krier) asked how much the ticket was for, then felt bad when he heard the amount…

By the way, 100 British pounds is nearly $139 in dollars. But that’s nothing compared to what Victoria’s Secret model and John Legend wife Chrissy Teigen has offered to do for a former Olympic gymnast.

McKayla Maroney won multiple medals at the 2012 Olympics in London and was known for the meme “McKayla is not impressed,” which even featured President Obama. But sadly, she was also known for signing a non-disclosure agreement with USA Gymnastics that would fine her $100,000 if she spoke at the sentencing for disgraced team doctor Larry Nassar

So Teigen responded…

Thankfully, the public pressure of social media forced USA Gymnastics to declare they wouldn’t enforce the NDA.

What we can learn here

First, if you rack up fines, realize that Twitter isn’t a way to raise the cash.

Second, know this: Most debts can’t land you in jail. For instance, if you don’t pay your credit card bills, you don’t go to prison — although your credit rating can receive a figurative death sentence.

But here’s the thing: Court fines can send you to jail. This is one debt you want to pay off pronto.

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