The naked Canadian statistic seems kind of high.

$185 billion

What American adults spent on obli-cations — “trips they felt obliged to take during the last 12 months,” according to a new survey from Hotwire. These included, in order: birthdays, weddings, family reunions, and baby/wedding showers.


Average number of miles Americans will drive round-trip for their summer vacation. So says a new survey by Choice Hotels, which also revealed most of the 1,350 travelers they polled “would rather lose their luggage than their mobile phone when travelling.”


Percent of “adult travelers bring electronic devices with them on vacation,” according to Consumer Reports. That comes at a cost: “9 percent said their laptop, tablet, or digital camera was damaged in checked baggage, and 6 percent said it was lost or stolen. Also, 6 percent said it was damaged in overhead bins.”


Percent of Canadians who have “engaged in naturist behaviours — such as sleeping in the nude, skinny-dipping, and attending nude beaches and resorts,” according to the Federation of Canadian Naturists. Sadly, no data is available for the United States. Road trip?


Percent of Americans who “always” tip after dining out on vacation — highest of all nationalities. TripAdvisor polled 25,000 travelers around the world. Second place were Germans at 49 percent. Worst were Italians at 11 percent.


Percent of Americans who get less sleep on vacation than they do at home. Only 31 percent sleep more, according to MMGY Global, a travel marketing agency.


Percent of Americans who admit they’ve told someone the car they rented was their car, according to survey from Priceline.


Percent of Americans who, if given a free hour of the day to do whatever they want, chose “work.” That was dead last place in a new survey from consulting firm Heart+Mind Strategies. First place was “relax” at 29 percent, followed by “spend time with family” and “exercise.”

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