For saving money, clipping coupons with scissors still reins supreme, but is that really the best savings strategy?

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Consumers can't stash away money for retirement but they can save when they hit the grocery store

Don’t have enough money for an emergency? Most say they don’t. But most do say they look to save on the basics, like food and gas.

Media solutions company Valassis says the vast majority of Americans — 94 percent — search often for ways to save when going grocery shopping. If only we would stash away the money we save.

And it’s not just about clipping coupons anymore. As consumers are looking for deals, they’re also looking at various types of deals — like digital coupons and mobile-only offers — to be smart and savvy shoppers.

“While consumers are becoming increasingly connected to digital media, print, and digital together work powerfully well,” Valassis says. “A print offer can often drive a consumer to take action, such as visiting a store or downloading a mobile app for future savings.”

The report says almost half of the consumers — 44 percent — prefer hard-copy coupons in the mail. But digital is catching on, as about one-third like mobile coupons. This is up from 24 percent this time last year.

Coupons and savings come down to the amount of work a shopper puts in. Valassis says customers want an easy shopping experience matched with savings.

“Remove barriers to entry and friction from the buying journey,” the report says. “Put consumers first, enhancing their shopping experience and putting them in control.”

Consumers care about grocery saving, but not retirement saving

It’s definitely a nice day when you can save extra cash at the grocery store. So why aren’t you saving that extra money by stashing it away?

The problem is that we always seem to regret what we didn’t do, including retirement. Almost half of Americans wished they would’ve saved more money for retirement, now that they are in the thick of it without enough cash to last them until they die.

It’s not like there will be enough cash to last us all forever, either. The world (yes, other countries, too) is running out of retirement money. With a $400 trillion retirement savings gap expected to take effect in 2050, there will be a time in the very near future that we will not be able to go into retirement because we can’t afford it.

If you’re going to save money in simple, everyday things like grocery shopping and getting gas, put that money toward something useful and effective like an in case of an emergency account or a retirement account. The lack of either means you’ll be working long into retirement, which is something many think they’re going to do anyhow.

If you’re looking to work in retirement — and essentially work until the day you die — then keep on being a spendthrift. But not having enough money in your later years (regardless of your working status) will ultimately hurt you and your family.

Make sure your monthly budget includes savings in any form and be sure to put money away just like you would pay any other bill. If you don’t make it a priority like you do your electric bill or rent, you will never catch up or get ahead.

Make a budget that works for you and find other ways to save in our education center.

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