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Here are the priciest colleges in each state

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The average cost of college is around $10,000 a year — but don’t count Wyoming in that.

There, it costs students roughly $5,000 a year. It’s half the cost of the national average, even at the most expensive school in the state. Not cheap, but when you compare it to the most expensive school in New York, where it costs $60,000 annually, Wyoming isn’t looking so bad.

GOBankingRates ranked the most expensive schools in each state, and the results show a wide variation of costs across the country. Even in Southern states like Alabama, prices vary. The cost for Spring Hill College — the state’s most expensive school — is $35,312 this year. At Baker University in Kansas, the cost was $28,430 this year.

Many Southern schools are among the most expensive in the country. Tulane University in Louisiana costs nearly $53,000 this year, which is on par with Maryland, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania — where all the most expensive schools charge the same. It’s only $7,000 difference from Columbia in New York, its most expensive school.

The University of Wyoming is above and beyond the least-expensive college on the list. Alaska Pacific University is next, with $20,350 in costs this year. The University of Jamestown third, at $22,000.

Hawaii Pacific University is $24,000 this year. For the most expensive school in the state, it’s actually pretty cheap compared to others around the nation. Hawaii is known for extremely high costs in nearly everything, including buying a home and loads of debt. It’s one of the hardest places for residents to save money. You’re most likely to live paycheck-to-paycheck there, but above all of that, it’s still one of the best places for an affordable education.

It’s great for people in Hawaii and other states where even expensive schools are relatively cheap. Since many soon-to-be college students and families are still in the dark about how much college can cost, the list by GOBankingRates proves there’s a need to showcase it. This should help everyone from parents to graduates, who are still reeling in the very real fact that college is extremely costly. Maybe next year high school graduates won’t leave billions of dollars in free money for education behind.

There is some good news: we are getting better at paying for college. Scholarships and grants are now covering more than one-third of costs. This is the highest for both in a decade.

If you’re looking for ways to save for college to rely less on student loans, look into 529 plans. You can also apply for other scholarships, like the one we offer, which gives you money for trying to get more money for school. We give away $500 multiple times a year to people for sharing with us all the confirmation emails they get from scholarships they’ve applied to (not necessarily won). It’s time to be rewarded for financial responsibility, even when it means rejection.

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Dori Zinn

Dori Zinn

Zinn is a freelance journalist based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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