This week: How we waste money and time on cars, meetings, and insurance

Today's Money Monday: How we waste money and time.Here are five lessons pollsters taught us about ourselves last week, mostly about how we waste money and time…

1. Many days of meetings

“Senior executives on average devote more than two days each week to meetings with three or more coworkers,” says a study from Bain & Company, a global consulting firm. And email isn’t any better: “Executives will soon spend more than one day each week managing electronic communications.”

2. Burning rubber and relationships

Men and women view expensive cars in exactly opposite ways.

“More than a quarter of men (26 percent) believe a woman is sexual if she’s driving an exotic or fast car,” says a survey by international dating site AnastasiaDate. “This is quite the contrast to women who view men driving fast and exotic cars as show-offs (50 percent); or arrogant (35 percent).”

Even worse, “30 percent of men think women are more interested in the type of car a man drives than the job he has.”

3. Yet another reason to hate insurance companies

“Many insurance companies completely ignored buyers,” says a study by sales automation company Velocify, “with 39 percent of prospects never receiving a call back, 34 percent never receiving an email, and 17 percent being completely ignored.”

Even worse, shopping online for insurance isn’t convenient at all. “Online insurance buyers waited an average of 2.3 days to get a call from an agent, and nearly 40 percent never received a call.”

4. What SPF do I use indoors?

Two nonprofits want you to know: “Few people realize they can sustain sun damage indoors.” They want you to either use sunscreen or buy window film. So who are these nonprofits? The Skin Cancer Foundation and the International Window Film Association.

5. I do — want to take my own wedding photo

Who needs to spend big money on wedding photographers anymore? “Forty percent of brides posted or will post a ‘selfie’ as their first wedding photo,” declares a study by, of all companies, oral braces manufacturer Invisalign. Other interesting fact: 36 percent would Photoshop their bodies in their wedding photos if they only knew how. (Your local library might teach you.)

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