This week: Numbers we'd prefer to keep secret, for obvious reasons.

86 percent

Women who “have peed somewhere other than a bathroom,” according to Astellas. “About 20 percent have peed behind the bushes.”

77 minutes

How much time employees spend per day “watching non-work-related TV or online video while at work,” according to Bridge by Infrastructure. That loss of productivity adds up to “$8,800 per year for each employee.”

40 percent

U.S. adults who “sleep with their stuffed animal by their side,” according to Build-A-Bear. More than half of adults acquired this stuffed animal in childhood, and 72 percent of those say “they plan to keep their stuffed animal forever.”

37 percent

Homeowners who “have seen a rodent in their home in the past year,” according to the National Pest Management Association. That’s up from 30 percent five years ago. “he top three places “were the garage (39 percent), the kitchen (35 percent) and the basement (27 percent).”

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