Johnny Depp's money troubles started with excessive spending and ended with divorce

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The Pirates of the Caribbean star is just as reckless in real life

Americans love celebrities, from classic movie stars like Marlon Brando and Marilyn Monroe, to new celebrities like Justin Bieber and Jennifer Lawrence. President Reagan and President Trump were both celebrities before their political careers. So we’ve elected not one, but two ‘Celebrity-In-Chiefs’ in recent history.

Another celebrity that has legions of fans spanning across generations is Johnny Depp. Depp’s career spans over 30 years and 64 films. His super star status coupled with his eccentric personality makes him a very interesting person to follow. Johnny Depp’s unconventional personality is only heightened by his wild spending habits.

In December 2016 Depp filed a $25 million lawsuit against his business managers, The Management Group, (TMG) claiming “gross mismanagement” of his affairs. Some of the claims were that TMG neglected to properly pay his taxes, made unauthorized loans and over paid for security and other services. Depp claims the mishandling of his business cost him “tens of millions of dollars.” TMG countersued. Through the course of the lawsuit some of Depp’s crazy alleged spending habits have been uncovered.

According to TMG Depp lived on a budget of $2 million a month. He allegedly bought $75 million buying and furnishing 14 residences around the world, 5 of those in or around the Los Angeles area, $18 million on a 150-ft. yacht, $200,000 a month booking private plane fights and $30,000 a month on imported wines. Some of his other expenses include a $400,000 diamond cuff and $300,000 a month for his 40-person full-time staff who he employs around the world working at his various properties.

Johnny Depp may have become accustom lavish spending during his three plus decades as a Hollywood elite, but for some people spending too much money is a problem. And in some cases, excessive spending is just a symptom of a deeper underlying mental condition. Bipolar excessive spending is common symptom of bipolar disorder and it categorized by impulsive and irrational spending during a manic episode. I’m not saying that Johnny Depp is bipolar, I’m not a therapist nor am I qualified to diagnose mental health disorders. What I am saying is that a person suffering from bipolar disorder and exhibits bipolar excessive spending may spend their money similarly to Johnny Depp, even though they don’t have Depp’s deeps pockets.

Bipolar excessive spending manifest itself in different ways. A random shopping spree with a self-soothing or self-medicating overtone, an irrational investment during a manic episode, an overgenerous gift for a family member or close friend, an extravagant donation to a charity or spending a fortune on manic hypersexual outlets like pornography, prostitution, or an extramarital affair all are ways bipolar excessive spending can rear its head. During a manic episode, a bipolar person exhibits unpredictable behavior and spending money unpredictably is never a good thing.

This might come off as a bit cliché, but if you or someone you know is suffering from bipolar disorder seek help or encourage them to seek help. Random excessive spending can really make life hard especially when it’s uncontrollable and living with bipolar disorder is already hard enough. There are resources like that can help.

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