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They're seeing wage growth faster than any other sector

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The people that help you find a job may actually have the best jobs right now.

Glassdoor says job recruiters are seeing faster-than-average wage growth compared to other jobs around the country. While overall pay growth is up 2.1 percent from this time last year, recruiters and retail employees are making more than the rest of us.

This is great news for all working Americans, especially in major metro areas like Seattle, Washington, D.C., and Atlanta. While the pay growth in May slowed from April, it’s still up overall for 2017. Glassdoor chief economist Andrew Chamberlain says compared to a couple years ago, we’re doing great.

“The U.S. continues to experience a slight softening in wage growth during the first half of the year,” Chamberlain says. “However, 2.1 percent is still decent growth and is higher than what we saw in 2015 and 2016. It remains above the rate of inflation, which indicates that on the whole, workers are getting ahead. The job market continues to be fast-growing, and we are seeing big wage gains for many jobs, especially in the retail and health care industries.”

Recruiters, retail workers are seeing the biggest gains

For those whose job is to help you find work, recruiters seem to be doing well for themselves. Glassdoor reports that their median base salary is $51,216. From this time last year, wage growth for job recruiters is 7.4 percent — the highest percentage wage growth among 60 job titles across the country.

“Great recruiters know how to find and entice the right candidates for open positions, it is something of an art. Having an eye for screening candidates and good judgment about who will or will not work for a position is becoming an increasingly valuable skill in a tight labor market,” says Chamberlain.

Traditional retail jobs are also seeing strong wage growth. Customer service manager pay is up 7.1 percent, store managers are up 4.9 percent, and cashiers are making 4.6 percent more. As far as more mainstream retail jobs, like online retail, warehouse associates saw an increase of 6.7 percent wage growth from this time last year.

Those weren’t the only sectors with major gains in money. Restaurant cooks saw a 7 percent uptick in wages while bank tellers saw 6.1 percent more, and registered nurses had a 4.5 percent pay raise.

“Demand is high for skilled nurses, and the shortage of RNs across the U.S. is being reflected in these big pay gains,” the Glassdoor report says.

The health care industry saw growth in other jobs, too, as pharmacy technician wages were up 4.3 percent and medical technologists made 3 percent more.

Where there are gains, there is loss

While pay is up overall for most Americans, not every sector was in the positive this year over last. Design engineers saw a pay loss of 2.7 percent year-over-year, while Java developers experienced a salary drop of 1.9 percent.

In Los Angeles, pay was up 2.6 percent, but not all metro areas saw as high growth as L.A. Houston and Philadelphia were up by only 0.4 and 0.5 percent respectively. In contrast, Philadelphia rose by 1.4 percent in April.

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