What your future employer wants out of you.

Job hunting is easily one of the worst processes ever — filled with endless interviews, waiting, and uncertainty. And that’s if the employer even bothers to get back to you.

However, as competition for workers in 2016 increases, searching for a job may become a bit more bearable. A 2016 survey conducted by job-hunting site CareerBuilder highlights several things all job-seekers should know before submitting that next application…

1. Be patient. Though most people give up on a job offer after two weeks, it usually takes two months between the start of an application and a job offer.

2. If at first you don’t succeed…  While many think the job is out of reach once they’ve been passed up once, over half (54 percent) of employers will reach out to previous applicants. Stay connected.  

3. You’re more than your resume. Employers (53 percent) say that one page summary just isn’t enough to to deem whether or not you’re a worthwhile candidate. That means they expect cover letters, professional portfolios, social media sites, etc.

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4. How much time are you putting in? On average, those who are in search of a job put in 11 hours a week. Are you ahead of the game, up to par, or lagging behind?

5. The skillset they want is different than you may think. A significant portion (63 percent) of employers says they’re interested in the intangible assets you bring to the table. Are you upbeat? Persistent? Dependable? If so, let them know.

6. Be open to new things. While it may feel like a waste of your degree to pursue a job in a different field, over one in three (36 percent) employees work in unrelated careers to their major. What matters is that you’re qualified and willing to learn.

7. Money is on the way. Employers are in desperate need for workers of all skill levels. Due to this high demand, two-thirds (66 percent) say they plan to start employees off at higher wages this year. If you think you’re worth more than their first offer, say so.

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