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Buy used items and sell what you have when your baby's outgrown them.

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There are things that you acquire when you have a baby that tend to take up a lot of space. I remember having my first child and my mom wondered why we needed all this “stuff”: Bassinets, jumpers, swings, portable cribs, bouncy chairs, fancy floor mats and more. I would take pictures of my kid in our house and friends would comment: “Oh, is that at day care?” Me: “No, that’s our LIVING ROOM.”

Our lives were overrun with stuff. And a lot of it we only used for a few months, until our son outgrew it or hit a developmental milestone — and then it was tucked into a corner to collect dust.

Recently I looked around and was like, enough of this. I don’t need all these things cluttering up the house anymore. With no more children in our future, I posted the items for sale on a local mom’s Facebook page. Within a few days I had sold two of the four items. I was so happy to have some space back and for the cash, but I was more happy to know that these items in good condition would go to good use.

It made my day when the woman who bought the jumper from me sent me a picture of her child in it telling me how much it was being enjoyed. I remembered those moments with my child, and was so happy someone else is now able to delight in it as much as he had.

If you are a parent on a budget, it’s important to be smart about your baby purchases. Many of the items you use in the beginning are only used for a small amount of time, if at all. For our first baby, I had contemplated buying a swing and instead smartly borrowed one from my cousin. Our son was NOT a fan of the swing, and we were so glad we didn’t spend $60 on a brand new one to find that out.

For many of us, it’s a matter of trial and error to find out what your child gravitates toward as they grow. Do they prefer this kind of pacifier over another? Do they like to swing, or bounce, or neither? You shouldn’t have to spend a fortune as you are both figuring it out.

Buying used is a really great option for bigger items, including things like outdoor water tables, sandboxes, playhouses and more. Here are some tips when looking to save or when wanting to sell your old baby items.

Tips for Saving on Baby Items

  • Buy used. Unless you have a specific reason for wanting to buy new, it’s perfectly OK to get bigger items that were only used a few times. Check out local mom’s sites, local consignment fairs and shops and the Facebook Marketplace.
  • Comparison shop. When you want to buy something, see how much it costs new, then browse local groups to see what a slightly used version costs there.
  • If you see something you want that may have been on sale for a while, try to negotiate the price — within reason. Don’t ask for anything out of the ordinary, usually $5 or $10 off. If the seller really wants to get rid of it, they usually will make a concession.

Tips for selling baby items are similar. It’s important to think about how you would be as a buyer of these goods.

Tips for Selling Baby Items

  • Be honest. If there is wear and tear or a missing piece, let buyers know in advance.
  • Price fairly. If you really used it but it’s in decent condition, price it for less than half its original value. Also look to see what prices others are listing similar items. That can be a good benchmark to whether you are overpricing your items.
  • Also on the buying list because it works both ways. When selling second-hand, prices are always negotiable. Be open to taking lower prices within reason.
  • Take good pictures. As with anything you sell online, make sure the pictures you take accurately represent what you are selling.
  • CLEAN it up! Sell things in the condition you would want to receive them. Clean them of all dust and wear, wash things that are cloth and even spray down toys that can’t be removed and cleaned with Lysol or a mix of vinegar and water.

Pay It Forward!

Once you are done with the items, offer other nearby moms a chance to save on the same items you picked up. Offer it for less than what you paid, or, if you really want to be kind, donate it to a local women’s shelter for children in need.

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