This week: stolen cars, lonely decorating, and time off from work.


Auto thefts on Christmas Day 2016, the lowest for any holiday last year, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau. The worst holiday? Halloween, with 2,578 reported thefts.

82 percent

Men who “do most of the decorating outside the home” for the holidays, according to Christmas Lights, Etc. But  “79 percent of women say they do most of the decorating inside.”

70 percent

Employees who love the holidays most for the time off, according to Ranstad. Meanwhile, 36 percent look forward to a holiday bonus, while only 9 percent care about gift exchanges.

42 percent

Fathers who admit “confess to getting frustrated while decorating the outside of the house” during the holidays, according to Showcase Cinemas. Maybe that’s why 40 percent “confess to having overindulged at a holiday party.”

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