Satisfy a hipster's need for cool things without spending a bundle.

The hipster lifestyle appears expensive, but appearances don’t always reveal the truth. If you dig deep enough, you’ll find some surprising deals on hipster gear.  Digging isn’t necessary, though. did the work for you. We found everything from beer gifts to bow ties.

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1. Pabst Blue Ribbon Merch

Hipster are notorious for drinking Pabst. Many bars and restaurants that embrace the hipster scene, sell it for as little as $1 a can. Now you can treat your favorite hipsters to some really cool Pabst paraphernalia.  And we’re not just talking about hats and t-shirts. Pabst offers a PBR lanyard for only $3 or touchscreen gloves for $10. Another site on Etsy offers a hipster bait PBR fridge magnet for only $2.35.


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2. Beard Oil

A beard is a must for hipster guys. And it seems that their beards need careful grooming. Hence the oil, which came as a surprise to the staff. We didn’t know it existed. This site offers a beard rejuvenating oil for $14, and a beard “arousal oil” for $15. You can shop for lady hipsters on this site, too.


mason jar gift


3. Mason Jars

The hipster’s drinking receptacle of choice. But it’s not just for drinking. They can can be used as candle holders,  terrariums or spice containers and more.  It’s a versatile gift, and you can find them for $9 a 12 pack. You can also provide your hipster friends some ideas for their use at


gift mug

4. Mustache Mug

This isn’t just any mug. It’s a “Great Mustache Mug.” It boasts fourteen of the coolest staches that ever adorned the skin above mankind’s upper lip. The push broom, the magnum and handlebars are all included. It has an 11 0z. capacity and is microwave and dishwasher safe. And it only costs $13.


bow tie gift

5. Bow Tie

This is the iconic hipster accessory. The bow tie was also popular in the mid 1880s. As time progressed, such immortal stars such as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and James Bond sported the bow tie. But they’re not only for men. Women pop stars like Rihanna and Janelle Monae rock them. You can find them for as little as $15.

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