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A roundup of the latest research might help you find a new job – or get paid more in the one you already have.

This year, 30 to 40 percent of employees say they plan to ditch their current employer, according to at least two recently published forecasts.

That could match up nicely with the 44 percent of employers who say they plan to hire more full-timers and the 51 percent who will seek temporary workers in 2018, according to the latest job forecast from CareerBuilder.

Nearly half of those who hire say they can’t fill jobs because they can’t find enough qualified people. Finding the right fit is so difficult that six in 10 hiring managers have seen positions stay open for three months or longer.

“There is a perfect storm happening in the U.S. labor market,” says Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder. “Low unemployment paired with lagging labor force participation and a growing skills gap is making it very difficult for businesses to find qualified candidates – and this is for all types of roles.”

So what are companies going to do? This…

  • Head to college: 64 percent said they plan to hire recent grads.
  • Import talent: 23 percent are looking for employees outside the country.
  • Hire for potential: People in the talent pool may not have the right job skills yet, but 66 percent of employers say they’ll find people who can learn and train them.
  • Pay more for those in demand: 30 percent said they plan to boost starting salaries by 5 percent or more; 36 percent said they plan to give their current staff similar raises.

Here’s some further insight into 2018’s job market and tips to get ahead in it…

Cities with employees looking for jobs

Los Angeles, Austin, and Dallas lead the pack in this job survey from Accountemps, with 40 percent, 38 percent and 37 percent of the workforce respectively anticipating a job hunt.

The survey also culled some good job-hunting tips from the people who do the hiring.

Resume length isn’t such a big deal any more, with 46 percent of managers preferring one page but 47 percent saying two pages is ideal. What you look like online is at least as important as what you put on those one or two pages, says 56 percent of hiring managers.

Also, it’s good to follow up. But don’t be pushy.

A thank-you note is ideal, say 80 percent of hiring managers. You’ll stand out by sending one, since only about a quarter of job candidates do that.

However, remember this contact is not your new BFF — 33 percent of Human Resources managers said they’ve ditched a candidate for being too pushy after the interview.

Doubts about no benefits

When nearly a quarter of full-timers don’t get health insurance, paid vacation, or retirement savings plans, do we need to wonder why people are eager to ditch their jobs and find others in 2018?

“These findings suggest that by not offering a benefits package, businesses risk losing out on top talent during the hiring process,” according to the research firm Clutch.

The most valued benefit is health insurance. About 55 percent of employees reported this had the most impact on their job satisfaction. Paid vacation time came next, topping overtime pay and retirement funding in that order.

Just offering benefits isn’t enough to satisfy about a third of employees. More than half say they are unhappy because they want more, and 14 percent say they want different benefits from the ones they’re getting.

The year of quitting

Much of the decision to quit has to do with what people are paid. Better jobs and more benefits come in second and third, according to a survey from Glassdoor.

When someone is looking for the next job, pay is one of the most influential factors, yet fewer than one in 10 online job listings include that information. And it seems that people aren’t given clear information when they interview either. More than a third of those who do the hiring say they’d keep employees longer if new hires got better pay information during the hiring process.

Says Carmel Galvin, chief human resources officer at Glassdoor: “It shouldn’t be a battle for job seekers to gain insights into salaries, benefits, culture, and what their career path might look like in a job.”

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