Is your significant other having a torrid affair with secret debt? Don’t be the last to know.

David Auten from The topic of money is not a sexy topic or an endearing topic. Especially when you hold on to or have some inhibitions or fears, or you’re actually hiding something.

Shani Curry, What I see more than the infidelity is probably more financial divorce. So you’ll have people that are inside of a marriage that is operating very separately with their money. So you don’t even have the opportunity to cheat, because they have already got a feel for your habits, how you relate to money, and decided to have a financial separation.

Bethany Bayless, So we do a lot of work with the military especially, and there are times when military members are on deployment and it’s a really difficult time for spouses back at home. And one of the biggest ways they can cope with that is with retail therapy.

Tracie Fobes, It’s that stay-at-home-mom standpoint that she’s filling a void. She doesn’t have that social interaction. She’s looking for and she’s trying to fill something that’s missing on a personal level with stuff.

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Deb Hipp

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