Financial opposites attract – trouble! Can these 7 tips save your relationship?

Krystal Joy, Yes, I’ve seen couples where there’s one person who’s a spender and one person’s a saver, because I’m in that relationship myself right now. Surprisingly I have a blog called, I am not the saver. I am definitely the spender.

Liz Genderau, My husband and I were like that – he was the spender, I was always the saver. And overtime he’s come over more to the saving side and I’ve lightened up a little bit on some of the spending.

Tom Drake, I married a spender. So, we’re both spenders.

Krystal Joy, The best thing that we did was just to be up and open – open and honest about everything going on with us financially. Starting there and having that initial conversation of, “where are we right now, and what are our financial goals in life” as well and kind of marrying the two together.

Brian Bandow, There’s always going to some kind of compromise. So you really have to sit down and communicate. You know communication is the key with money and a lot of other things in a relationship.

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