Notice I didn't say women are smarter than men. Because that's not what the science shows.

Today's topic: Are women are less dumb than men?Saturday was International Women’s Day. Celebrated since the early 1900s, it recognizes and celebrates womankind’s struggle for equality.

So this is the good time to reflect on such weighty issues as, “Which gender names their cars more often?” and “Is God a man or a woman?”

Thankfully, researchers have been delving into just these topics over the past year. Below are actual survey results from adults paid to compile them. But because is a news site about money, I’ll start with this sad fact, from financial services company Fidelity Investments

More than half of women (52 percent) were confident in their partners’ ability to assume full financial responsibility of retirement finances and strategy. Many men did not share the same level of confidence in their significant others – only 43 percent of men were confident in their partners’ ability to assume full financial responsibility of retirement finances.

Now, onto the sex…

When it comes to dating, women are less dumb than men.


    • A majority of men (85 percent) and women (70 percent) believe kissing is just fine on a first date. Oral sex? The numbers plummet to 39 percent of men and only 7 percent of women.
    • My favorite line from the same study: “Men are more likely to judge dates by their tattoos (62 percent)” while “women are more likely to judge dates by their clothes (68 percent).”
    • “37 percent of the women said they’ve looked at a love interest’s text messages at least once before, while just 25 percent of the men admitted to snooping.”
    • While more women than men use the Internet to investigate their dates (77 percent vs. 66 percent), men are more willing to pay for someone to do the work: “29 percent of males are willing to pay $26-plus vs. only 21 percent of the women who would pay the same amount.”


When it comes to cell phones, women are less dumb than men.

Cell phones

      • Men of all ages are “twice as likely as women to have naked photos of themselves on their phone (7 percent of men vs. 3 percent of women) and four times as likely to have naked photos of others (9 percent of men vs. 2 percent of women).” That sounds bad, but it gives men one distinct advantage: They do more to protect their phones. “Women are more likely than men to not have a security code to keep their phone private (19 percent women vs. 13 percent men).”
      • Boys (that covers ages 2-17) are “35 percent more likely than girls” to damage their parents’ phones with food. Yes, food. Of those accidents, “50 percent involved milk” and “16 percent involved yogurt.”

When it comes to hygiene, women are less dumb than men.


74 percent of women “always wash their hands after using a public restroom compared to just 60 percent of men who always do so.” So declares the fifth annual Healthy Hand Washing Survey, which also contained this hilarious conclusion: “Men were almost two-and-a-half times more likely than women to say they didn’t wash up because they didn’t feel the need.” These are not my italics.

When it comes to religion, women are less dumb than men.


A Harris poll just before Christmas revealed, “There continues to be no consensus as to whether God is a man or a woman. Nearly 4 in 10 Americans (39 percent) think He is male, while only 1 percent of U.S. adults believe She is female.” That’s depressing but not surprising. This is both: Women are more likely than men to believe God is a dude (43 percent vs. 34 percent).

When it comes to home ownership, women are less dumb than men.

Home ownership

The stereotype of men hating to shop apparently extends to the most expensive item they’ll ever buy. “Women seem to enjoy the process of purchasing a home more so than men,” a Prudential Real Estate survey reports. “A full 87 percent of women said they enjoy looking at homes compared with 77 percent of men.”

When it comes to driving, women are less dumb than men.


Women are more likely to give their vehicle a name (23 percent) than men (18 percent), according to marketing company DMEautomotive. But men who name their cars are much more gender-neutral: “55 percent associate their vehicle as female, 45 percent as male. Women who name their cars overwhelmingly (88 percent) “view their vehicle as female.”

When it comes to work, women are less dumb than men.


  • Talk about stereotypes. Are men ruthless ladder-climbers? Seems so. “When choosing to work for an employer, 42 percent of men look for opportunities to advance versus 36 percent of women,” according to a Randstad survey. More than a third  (37 percent) of women named workplace flexibility an important employer attribute, compared to just a quarter (26 percent) of men. Then there’s this: “Women were also more likely to say that the company’s reputation in the community would also be important to them in a new employer (92 percent vs. 83 percent of men).”
  • While both sexes in this country know they’re saving way too little for retirement, men are literally whistling past the graveyard. While more than half of women (55 percent) acknowledge “they do not have enough financial knowledge to feel confident making investing decisions” about retirement, less than half of men (42 percent) express the same concern. The other 58 percent of guys? They probably don’t wash their hands, either.

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