What should you get Mom this Sunday? Here's what everyone else is doing

Is there a more stressful holiday than Mother’s Day? Not according to pollsters.

A restaurant app called NoWait polled more than 1,000 Americans and found 71 percent “plan on taking Mom out to eat.” But of those sons and daughters, nearly two-thirds made reservations “less than a week before” the big day. And if the wait at the restaurant exceeds 30 minutes this Sunday, 88 percent say they’ll walk out.

That irks NoWait CEO Ware Sykes: “Mothers have been waiting for their kids and on their kids from the day they were born, always putting their loved ones first.”

If those sound like some spoiled children, another poll of more than 1,000 Americans, this one by coupon site RetailMeNot, reveals, “Nearly 9 in 10 people surveyed think moms have returned a Mother’s Day gift at least once to exchange it for something else.”

But they’re not sure, either. And since that same survey says 91 percent of us will get Mom some kind of gift, what should we buy? And how much should we spend?

The best advice comes from the annual Mother’s Day Spending Survey, which asked more than 6,500 Americans about their intended purchases. Here are the highlights…

  • We’ll spend an average of $162.94 on Mom this year — down from last year’s $168.94.
  • 81.3 percent will buy at least a greeting card.
  • 66.6 percent will buy  flowers.
  • 43.3 percent will buy gift cards.
  • 33.5 percent will buy “spring sweaters and blouses.”
  • Other gift ideas include “books and CDs,” “housewares or gardening tools,” and “jewelry.”

In all, we’re projected to spend $19.9 billion on Mom this weekend. By way of comparison, that was the state of Georgia’s entire budget last year, and also the exact total of all Blackberry sales around the world in 2010.

Finally, here’s the best news for frugal and confused children looking for the perfect gift. Scotch-Brite surveyed moms and discovered, “A clean home is what moms really dream about for Mother’s Day…60 percent of moms would most prefer a clean house over other gift options like candy, flowers, and a card.”

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