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Moms claim that financial stress affects their relationships with their kids and husbands.

It’s no surprise that moms today are stressed, but what’s causing it? One big thing: Money.

According to new research from video healthcare service Doctor on Demand, 88 percent of moms are suffering from stress right now. More than 30 percent of moms say finances are the primary cause of daily stress.

This affects both married and single moms the same. It affects their relationship with their significant other (24 percent), the way they parent (22 percent), and their performance at work (13 percent).

And it’s not just stress. The study shows that the majority of moms — 59 percent — suffer from anxiety as well. While the current state of American politics is an ongoing issue (56 percent of moms admit it makes them anxious), there are other factors that are contributing to their anxiety. More than 20 percent say terrorism is causing them anxiety, and nearly the same amount say healthcare costs are worrisome.

Worries also depends on location, as Northeastern moms care more about politics while Midwestern and Southern moms care more about healthcare.

With so many kinds of anxiety for moms, it’s no wonder that they have limited time to themselves. The majority — 75 percent — say they don’t even get an hour a day for personal time away from work, children, and other responsibilities. Almost one-in-five said they don’t even get that much time to themselves.

If there’s no “me” time for moms, is all their time spent on duties for someone or something else? Not entirely. Parents of tweens and teens spend upwards of nine hours a day on screens. Doctor on Demand doesn’t think this is entirely a bad thing, as moms can get some professional help, like from a psychologist or psychiatrist, online. (That’s, of course, what they do.)

But many moms — 44 percent — admitted to being jealous of other parents through social media. So if you’re jealous of the lives of your Facebook friends, you may want to close the app for awhile.

Stressed in silence

Women simply don’t like talking about money. Secrecy, especially when it comes to money, could lead to higher stress and anxiety levels. It’s no wonder women — and especially mothers — are worried about finances — they don’t have anyone to talk about them with.

And it’s the people they should be trusting the most that they are hiding from. More than half of women hide money talks from friends and family because they believed those details were just too personal to discuss.

The truth is that mothers have a hard time discussing money because they earn less than their male counterparts and struggle with saving and investing. When women take time off to raise children or care for elderly family members, they struggle later in life for making that sacrifice.

Earning less and also taking a career break puts women way behind men in terms of retirement savings later on. Yes, the earlier women start saving, the better, but caring for other humans puts them at a financial disadvantage when they are older. Since they outlive men, women will end up paying more in retirement, specifically for health care, when they hit their golden years.

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