With 29 days until Halloween, here are some frightening (or funny) holiday statistics...

Deck the shelves with skulls and cobwebs, fa la la la la, la-la la la. Tis the season to buy candy — and costumes, and decorations, and everything else. Halloween spending fa la la la la, la-la la la.

All told, we’ll spend $7.4 billion on Halloween stuff in the next 29 days. So says the National Retail Federation, which estimates and tracks such things…

Americans are expected to spend $2.8 billion on Halloween costumes according to NRF’s Halloween Consumer Spending Survey. Specifically, consumers will spend $1 billion on children’s costumes, $1.4 billion on adult costumes, and $350 million on pet costumes. The average person [is] spending $77.52 on indoor and outdoor décor, costumes, and candy.

Another estimate from haunted house directory HauntWorld.com pegs the total at $11 billion. And they naturally have recommendations for the “top haunts” to visit, depending on where you live — everything from the House of Torment in Austin, Texas, to the Netherworld in Atlanta.

Here are some other batty stats from the NRF and the National Confectioners Association

  • 2.6 million children will frighten you as characters from Frozen (with their renditions of “Let It Go”), while an equal number will fight off goblins as Spider-Man.
  • More women like candy corn than men, but neither gender likes it that much.  (54 percent vs. 50 percent)
  • Seniors in the Midwest give out the most candy. A whopping 84 percent of surveyed adults age 60+ plan to give out candy, and 79 percent of surveyed adults from the Midwest do.
  • Nearly a quarter of millennials plan to dress their pets up for Halloween, compared to 13 percent of the general population.

Once that’s out of the way, we can start racking up the real holiday bills. Halloween spending is chump change compared to the $602 billion the NRF says we spent last year on Christmas, Kwanza and Hanukah.

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