Gamers spend hours tirelessly playing their favorite games. Spend mere few minutes shopping for them.

Gamers are serious. It’s been reported that some gamers have died after playing for days on end. doesn’t want you to kill yourself finding the perfect gamer gift. And we don’t want you going into debt either. We make it easy. Check out these five affordable and fun gifts…

gamer bobble head

1. Vault Boy Bobble Head

Fallout 4 was just released — and has already made more than $750 million. Even though the setting for this game is a post-apocalyptic wasteland, the smiling Vault Boy represents this hugely popular franchise. This bobblehead is five inches tall and has a sturdy base. He comes in a few different variations, carrying a “melee weapon” and more. The price is only $15.

gaming case

2. Game Boy Case for iPhone

Nintendo created the original handheld Game Boy more than 25 years ago. And now, since so many gamers play on their smartphones, they can also celebrate the roots of handheld gaming. People who have received this gift have noted that every time they take a selfie, it looks like they have a Game Boy in their hand. Very cool. The price is only $3.75.

gaming 101

3. Hardcore Gaming Books 101

This is an extensive book series that covers the classic games many older gamers grew up with. Younger players can learn about the impact these games had on gaming and delve deep into hardcore gaming in it’s fledgling years. You can check out this Hard Core Gaming website. You can also follow the link above to Amazon. Prices vary — up to $25.

thumstick gamer gift

4. Aluminum Gaming Thumbsticks

Gamers can maximize their control and feel for the game with these thumbsticks. They’re advertised as  “stronger” than the typical thumbsticks. They work with any Xbox 360 controller, and come in various shiny colors. Better yet, they sell for less than $12. You can also check out these ControlFreek thumbstick grips for around the same price.

gamer poster

5. Gamer Posters

Kids and adults alike, love posters. You can gift your gamer a cool poster that shows off his or her favorite game or hero. They’re an easy gift and you can even purchase a cheap frame and make it look more official. Most posters range from $5 to $20.


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