Most Americans fake their reactions to unwanted gifts

If you didn’t like it, we sure didn’t seem to notice.

And neither did you, because 73 percent of Americans admit they fake their reactions when they get a gift they didn’t like or want, Groupon says. Even if they hated it, most of us couldn’t tell the difference by the way the gift recipient reacted.

“No one wants to give someone a bad gift this holiday season and based on our research, they may never even know it if they do,” says Silvija Martincevic, vice president and general manager of health, beauty and wellness at Groupon. “While there are a number of very good actors among our family and friends, we’ve found that the best gifts usually involve something more personalized and experiential.”

Even more, 10 percent of us will legitimately lie to someone about a present by telling them we like it when we don’t. It only takes five seconds for the recipient to figure out if they like a present or not.

It doesn’t look like honesty is going to come around anytime soon: 25 percent of respondents say lying about liking a gift is “the right thing to do.” Even though one in nine admit a bad gift has nearly ended a relationship!

Can’t please humans? Try pets

If you’re looking for an honest reaction, just give your dog or cat a present this season. This year, pet owners will spend an average of $62 on their dogs, cats, or both, e-commerce solutions company SLI Systems says. Millennials are more likely to spend more money than their Gen X counterparts ($81 to $79).

And the pet matters, too. Dogs are two-and-a-half times more popular than cats when it comes to gifts, as there’s more options in stores and online for Fido. The report says dog owners are most interested in dog beds and collars, while cat owners prefer toys and scratch products. Dog buyers are more likely to search for deals than their cat friends.

Ditch presents, just give cards


Why waste your money on gifts that people don’t even actually like when you can give the gift of love and affection through a card?

Online design marketplace Minted says most recipients show off their cards when they’ve gotten them — which is way nicer than that fake response to that present they didn’t like, right?

Most card-getters even display the cards until the new year (43 percent) while 23 percent show them off well into January or February. If you really know your card receiver, they might be one of the 7 percent that actually display them all year-round (don’t have shame — I do it!)

Try to be a little more personal this year. Millennials are 38 percent more likely to include a handwritten note than their baby boomer and Generation X buddies.

And even after they’ve had their share of showing off, half of card getters will keep them long after the holidays. That’s much nicer than smiling for a gift you didn’t even want.

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