Everyone knows weddings are expensive. Here's five fascinating dollar figures.

The most popular “marrying months” are May through October, according to Joyce Scardina Becker, a wedding designer and author of a book called Countdown to Your Perfect Wedding. But March seems to be the month when researchers announce the costs and freak out the happy couples. Check out these average wedding costs…



Average cost of a wedding – excluding honeymoon. That’s according to The Wedding Report. That figure is from 2012, and to learn more, you have to pay $40.



Average cost of an American couple’s honeymoon. “When it comes to the priciest honeymoons, however, the numbers are far higher,” luxury travel site Jetsetter.com says, “reaching $11,905 domestically and $23,000 internationally.”



Average cost of a wedding dress. “Brides in Manhattan and Long Island spend the most on their dresses ($3,027 and $2,160 respectively),” says a new study this week from TheKnot.com, “while Alaskan and Oklahoman brides spend the least ($804 and $859 respectively).”



What the average American spends on a wedding present. But “44 percent believe a smaller gift is appropriate at a destination wedding,” says a survey by travel website Expedia.



The average cost of a “wedding cake cutting fee” – per slice. “Cake cutting fees are usually charged by a venue when a wedding cake is brought in by an outside bakery,” explains WeddingStats.org. “Cupcakes are a good way of avoiding a cutting fee, hence their rise in popularity.”

Mmmm, wedding cupcakes…

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