Coffee shop work is a great gig if you love people and java.

I love Starbucks. There are several reasons why: I love hanging out at coffee shops, Starbucks has Wi-Fi, and that was the job I had during graduate school that allowed me to support my mom and I after she lost her job.

Yep, that happened.

As you could imagine, it was a really tough time. No, it wasn’t enough money, but I enjoyed the simplicity of the job during an incredibly stressful situation. As a lover of coffee and people, working as a barista part-time continues to be one of my favorite side-hustles.

And, the free weekly coffee beans.

If you’ve ever wondered about what it would be like to work at Starbucks keep reading this post. I’m going to start with the more challenging aspects of working at a coffee shop.

I found working at Starbucks to be a lot more physically demanding than you would expect. Baristas were constantly bending down to grab milk, lifting heavy items such as plastic mats, or the trash.

Everyone has to clean the bathroom, and public restrooms can get pretty gross pretty fast.

There is an endless number of drink variations that customers will order, and the worst customers are the actual Starbucks baristas themselves

Don’t get me wrong, Starbucks baristas are nice customers, they just are used to creating their own special drinks every day.

So annoying.

The pay is above minimum wage, and while you do have the opportunity to get health care coverage, employees do have to meet specific, consistent criteria to maintain that coverage.

Your experience at Starbucks (or, any coffee shop) depends on the following:

  • Location — If your store is located next to a convention center, a weird part of the city, a highway, or a high school, then you may have some interesting experiences at the store. Or, you may experience a high customer volume that might make you crazy.
  • Your “Why” — At the time that my mom lost her job, the city and state that I live in was experiencing a recession. I was basically unable to find a job anywhere else. Because I was in graduate school, I did have money coming from my student loans, but it was pretty stressful because I couldn’t find anywhere else to work. I made the best out of a bad situation and ended up enjoying the work. That won’t be the case for everyone.
  • How Much Money You Need — Working a side-hustle is always great, but this is not a side-hustle that makes you a ton of money. If you’re in a bind and need money-it’s a good part-time job. But, if you’re needing to earn real money, work the job while you hustle to find another position paying more.
  • Drive-through locations — I’m not a huge fan of the drive-throughs. But, I do think that having one will keep baristas busier throughout the day versus working at a non-drive-through location.

The stores are constantly looking for great people to staff their stores. What personality traits are desirable and who are they looking for?

Contrary to popular beliefs you’re not required to have worked in a coffee shop previously. While that experience is helpful, most managers are looking for individuals who are engaging, industrious, and quick learners.

It seems obvious, but ideally, you should be a person who enjoys meeting and working with new people. If you don’t like people, or it’s apparent that you’re uncomfortable with people, it will be difficult to get hired or work at Starbucks.

While there is some coffee shop snobbery that you may experience when applying for jobs at other shops after working at Starbucks, I  loved the energy of working at a fun Starbucks location.

The days are typically pretty fast-paced, fun, and some of the quickest shifts that I’ve worked at a part-time job because you’re constantly moving throughout your shift.

While I’m not in love with Starbucks selling everything from jerky, chips, and anything else that comes to mind, I do love that it remains a welcoming place to sit down, work on projects, and meet friends and family.

I ended up working for Starbucks for several years part-time and still run into people that I used to work with all the time.

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