The same questions are answered differently by race, age, and gender.

72 percent

Asian-Americans who say they “actually enjoy grocery shopping,” according to a survey by a marketing firm called Acosta. That compares to 67 percent of African-Americans and 66 percent of Hispanics. For whatever reason, white folks didn’t get their own breakdown.

61 percent

Male employees who say “their managers value their opinions,” according to a workplace survey by staffing agency Randstand US. Female employees? Only 56 percent.

58 percent

Millennial millionaires who “view their wealth as a vehicle to help the community,” compared to only 38 percent of older millionaires. The survey by Morgan Stanley also reveals millennials (born since 1982) are more forward-looking than baby boomers: “63 percent of millennials view themselves as stewards of their wealth for future generations,” compared to 46 percent of older millionaires.

62 percent

Women who say “reading the book is a must before watching the movie version,” according to a a survey by Smartfood Popcorn, which has a vested interest in how many Americans watch movies. Interestingly, only 58 percent think reading the book first is important. Most important to Smartfood Popcorn: “78 percent of respondents indicated they get a hankering for the snack during exciting or happy moments, as opposed to only 22 percent during sad or scary moments.” Who eats popcorn when someone gets heartbroken or murdered onscreen?

8 percent

Elementary school girls who are involved in eight or more extracurricular activities, ranging from sports to clubs, according to the annual State of the Kid survey by Highlights magazine. Only 1 percent of boys are as active. That probably explains this other stat: “Nearly half of kids feel stressed by school, a feeling that is more prominent among girls.” Seems school stresses out 52 percent of girls but only 43 percent of boys.

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