Isena Norgaisse wants to become a doctor, but first she must pay for med school.

Isena Norgaisse’s parents brought her to Florida from Haiti when she was just a little girl. After she graduates from college and then medical school, she wants to go back — not to make a living, but to save lives.

During her junior year of high school in West Palm Beach, Isena decided to become a doctor and treat Haitians who lack medical care.

“My friends and family were happy about the idea, because Haiti is our home, and we all are willing to do anything and everything to make it a safer, wealthier, and better place,” she says.

She has another motive, too…

Growing up as an immigrant among the poorest countries in the Caribbean, society often enforced the belief that this was a “man’s world” and that my job as women is to be submissive and carry out all domestic duties. Nothing more, nothing less. I believed that up until after moving to the United States.

As she grew up in this country and realized women can accomplish anything they set their minds to, Isena knew what she had to do. She wrote in her letter for the Scholarship for Aggressive Scholarship Applicants

“I decided to major in a STEM program and become a doctor saving lives,” Norgaisse says. “To accomplish this desire, after completing medical school, I plan on creating medical based missionary camps in third world countries beginning in my country. By receiving this scholarship, I believe I will be one step closer to achieving my goal not only for myself but for those who may not know when help may come.”

That was enough to convince me Isena deserves the $500 we award every other month. Well, that and the fact that she’s applied for a ton of other scholarships. When I asked her how many, she replied, “The amount of scholarships that I’ve applied for has surpassed my ability to remember. Every week, I aim to apply for at least two scholarships.”

She’s not kidding. She sent me confirmations that she applied. Sadly, she hasn’t won any — until right now. I hope this will be the start of many to come for her.

Isena is currently a freshman at Florida International University in Miami, and she knows that by the time she finishes medical school, she’ll have spent more than six figures on her education. She’s undaunted.

“I’m determined to make an impact for not just my country,” she says, “but for all those who have seen nothing but pain.”

I admire Isena’s goal and her plan. If you have a goal and a plan of your own, apply for the Scholarship for Aggressive Scholarship Applicants.

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