Data breaches have hit a record half-year high, continuing to prove our info is at risk

We’re two-thirds through the year, but if you haven’t had your identity stolen yet, there’s still time.

The Identity Theft Resource Center and CyberScout say the number of data breaches has soared through the first half of 2017, with most hacks hitting the business sector.

Record-highs are good for some things, like your credit score. But data breaches? Not so much. Unfortunately, there’s still some important information lacking from these hacking reports.

“We have made progress in transparency regarding data breach notifications but this only goes so far when we do not have complete information,” says ITRC president and CEO Eva Velasquez. “The number of records breached in a specific incident allows us to provide more insight into the scope of this problem, and is a necessary next step in our advocacy efforts.”

This means the more specific the reports of hacking are, the better we’ll be at improving security. If we don’t know details of breaches, it’s difficult to find what’s really wrong. This means we’re only more vulnerable to hacking.

Who’s the best at security?

Maybe let’s start out with who is the worst.

General businesses have seen the most hacks so far this year, with more than 54 percent of the total breaches. They lead hacks by a lot: The second-worst sector is health care, with just a bit over 22 percent of breaches.

Education had 11 percent of the overall breaches while banking had 5.8 percent. But it was the government and military that had the fewest hacks, at 5.6 percent.

“Cyber attacks that target businesses are continuing to rise, as hackers aim to steal the most sensitive personal data and demand payoffs in crippling ransomware attacks,” says Matt Cullina, CEO of CyberScout. “All these trends point to the need for businesses to take steps to manage their risk, prepare for common data breach scenarios, and get cyber insurance protection.”

Businesses having the most data breaches is bad news for consumers. Business hacks mean more customer data is getting taken — which could be yours. This means your chance of having your identity stolen is only getting more likely.

More hacks are happening and safety isn’t keeping up

As record-high breaches are happening, keep in mind that it means very soon your information could be stolen. But there is some help for you.

Banking has the second-best security and they are helping out their customers by alerting them about fraud more often. That’s the good news, but the bad news is that you may get a notification about fraud that didn’t actually happen. Even good intentions are in need of working themselves out.

Health care had the second-worst security, and it’s important to remember that medical records are stolen every day. That just goes to show you how bad businesses are doing with securing your data.

Cyber attacks are only going to continue to rise, but if protection isn’t going to meet the demands, we’re only going to continue to put ourselves at risk. Unfortunately, we’re having a hard enough time protecting ourselves now simply because we’re lazy.

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