A bad credit score could make dating more difficult

As if dating wasn’t tough enough. Some are turned off by a bad credit score.

More than 42 percent of survey respondents said that credit scores affect their interest in dating someone. The survey was done by financial advice website Bankrate, along with Princeton Survey Research Associates International. One big reason is it’s an indicator of whether you’re responsible and stable.

And here’s the bad news, guys: Women are more judgmental when it comes to credit. In a survey of 1,000 American adults, half of the women and 35 percent of men say a credit score could have an impact on whether they’d find a date appealing.

The group most concerned about their date’s credit is older millennials, between ages 27 and 36. On the flip side, 55 percent of younger millennials between 18 and 26 say that a person’s credit has no influence on their romantic pursuits.

The topic of credits scores does not typically come up on the first date, though, so you have time to work on it for that special someone. Most said they divulge credit scores after a few months of dating or after they’re engaged.

“It’s probably not a great idea to ask for someone’s financial history on the first date,” says Mike Cetera, credit card analyst at Bankrate.com. “However, it’s better to know if a potential partner has a history of bad financial decisions before the relationship goes too far, especially if you plan on making large purchases together or sharing bank accounts.”

That practice is pretty common, too. Most of the older millennials with a significant other — 77 percent — said they share at least one bank account with their partner. This is more common among people who make more than $75,000 a year. Those making less than $30,000 a year are less than half as likely to share an account with their partner.

In fairness, a lot of issues could cause bad credit. Medical bills, divorce, or a big spender in a previous relationship. It’s only one factor to consider. But if you’re looking to make yourself more attractive? Check out some of the resources below.

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