Users with Apple products have higher FICO ratings than other smartphone companies.

Owning an Apple product is a sign that you have good credit and a bigger house.

Well, at least if you’re a LendingTree user. The loan market place website analyzed over 2 million of them, finding that customers using Apple brand have higher credit scores and loan amounts and better rates than those using Android or Windows.

“The disparity in loan details between Mac and Android users is most likely a reflection of different price points and the affordability of the respective devices,” LendingTree CEO Doug Lebda said.

The data analyzed shows a difference in credit scores and potential loan amounts. Here’s what the difference looks like between Apple and Android users…

Potential borrowers using Apple

  • Average mortgage FICO score: 722
  • The Average mortgage loan amount: $274,412
  • Average personal loan FICO score: 638
  • Average personal loan amount: $14,650

Potential Borrowers Using Android

  • Average mortgage FICO score: 682
  • The Average mortgage loan amount: $184,219
  • Average personal loan FICO: 667
  • Average personal loan amount: $9,441

Why is my credit score so low?

While the study is interesting, what kind of electronics you use has nothing to do with the reason for a low score. If you’re starting to worry about yours, here are 5 ideas to consider:

  • You don’t speak about money enough with your spouse
  • You’re not organized and tracking your spending
  • You don’t care enough, and should find out what a good credit score is
  • You may be an authorized user on someone else’s bad credit habits
  • You’re simply not making enough money yet

If you are interested in improving your credit score, here are common credit score-destroying mistakes to avoid.

We recommend you also avoid frequently applying for credit cards, delaying payments, and co-signing for friends and family members. A good credit rating is incredibly valuable, and is much easier to lose than gain. Work on yours and learn how to maintain it, and you can save money on just about everything.

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